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Financial Game Plans for All Seasons of Your Life
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A:Financial Coaching is a process of evaluating one's financial situation and goals and then developing a plane that is customized for them that allows them to be successful.  Financial coaching is like getting a personal trainer for your financial fitness. 

A:The Financial Coaching process starts with a FREE 30 minute phone consult after we have received basic information we call a Financial Snapshot from a client. 
During this consult we will learn more about the clients and their unique situation and what they are looking for from the financial coaching.  We will also offer them options for financial coaching and let them know what they can expect from the coaching process. 

Because we focus on the client and what their needs are for coaching the remaining process could range from a onetime meeting to a six month process with multiple meetings and follow up and many times it is something between.

A: I normally start with a one hour coaching session which cost $175.  This includes a Life Time membership to Financial Peace University.  If we decide that you would benefit from more sessions I do offer three and six month plans.  I am always willing to customize a plan that will meet your specific needs.

A:To succeed with Financial Coaching, you'll need to consider these three questions:

1) Are you committed? In other words, are you willing to change, and will you be faithful to the commitment to change?


2) Are you available? To get the best results, you will make a time commitment both in and out of the coaching office.


3) Are you coachable? We can show you options and guide you, but you will have to take action. We can't do it for you.

A:We are located in Fort Worth, Texas and serve the Fort Worth and all surrounding areas.  While we have office space available to us in several locations during regular business hours, we have chosen not to maintain a permanent office.  This allows us to keep our services affordable to our clients.  This also allows us to meet our clients at alternate locations and times more convenient to them.

A:Unlike a “Financial Planner/Advisor”, we do NOT sell investments, insurance or other financial products. 
This gives us the freedom to be completely objective with our advice and focus on what is in your best interest. 
We provide you with knowledge, guidance and information to empower you to make winning decisions with your finances.
Chuck Mohn Fiancial Coaching
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